About Resonance Trinidad Limited

Our Mission: To provide Innovative Transaction Services that create Greater Value.

Resonance Trinidad Limited is the leading provider of mobile, electronic and web based services throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The company was established in 2006 and our aim is to become the leading provider of mobile and electronic transaction services throughout the Caribbean and Latin American Region.

Resonance aggregates, manages and routes Electronic Transactions to provide added value to Product/Service owners in the Telecommunications, Banking, Retail and Healthcare Industries. We use devices and technologies such as POS Terminals, Web, Mag/Chip/RFID cards and Mobile Handsets, to bring together product owners and a network of more than 3,000 merchants and 250,000 consumers in a secure, scalable and real-time platform.

We set the bar very high for ourselves and our partners. We deliver high quality products and treat our clients and partners as an extension of our own company. We don’t accept that our clients deserve the low level of service commonly available elsewhere!

We are successful and good at what we do because …

  • we listen to our customers
  • we don’t accept mediocrity
  • we push each other towards greatness
  • we encourage innovation
  • we are not afraid of change
  • we follow international best practices

The result is:

  • Very solid partnerships and position in the market
  • Very strong management team and staff
  • Very “cool” products

Our Team

Christine Mayers FINANCE MANAGER