What is it?

Resonance’s Direct Top Up service, “LinkUP” allows you to distribute prepaid airtime via the Internet. It is a safe and secure web application used for pin-less direct-to-mobile top up.

  • Use your existing PC and internet connection, no need for other devices
  • No need for paper rolls
  • Any denominations possible, sell topup instead of giving change
  • Increased Traffic from Airtime customers
  • Easy Payment methods
  • Fast, Secure & Simple to use

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple levels of security: login text “captcha” , dual login – supervisor security code is needed for successful cashier login, sophisticated encryption – Login passwords are encrypted, Built in secure access level controls -master account, supervisor and users accounts allow for complete control and monitoring.
  • Flexible, accurate, real-time, reporting: Summary and detailed report generation for activity by all users during a specified period of time. Cashiers have access to summary reports run at the end of day.
  • Simple, verifiable transactions: A Top Up sale requires the user to select a carrier, enter a phone number and the Top Up amount and the request is sent to the carrier for validation and approval. A successful response is returned to the user and the Top Up is applied to the customers mobile account immediately.
  • Instant user queries: The cashiers are able to query a phone number by date for successful and failed top ups if necessary.