Integrated POS

If your business uses Microsoft RMS Point of Sale Software you may now send Top Up to your customers’ mobile phones by cashing it as a line item in your POS.

Currently available on Microsoft RMS Point of Sale (coming soon for other POS software), RMS users now have the benefit of selling Top Up directly from their POS and having their accounting back end reports update automatically to include Top Up sales.

Features and Benefits

  • Paper less – Pin Less Top Up solution which allows you the ability to sell any Top Up amounts and also the valuable ability to convert all or part of your customers change to Top Up and deliver it directly to their mobile phone.
  • Customers’ time at the register to purchase Top Up is reduced as CSR’s are able deliver the Top Up at the same time they tender the sale.
  • Top Up transactions are available in online reporting and in the built-in POS reports for dual verification purposes. Online reports include: summary and detailed activity by all users during a specified period of time. Supervisors and cashiers have access to POS summary reports run at the end of day which will display Top Up sales.
  • Rapid user queries can be performed by phone number and/or by date for successful and failed top ups if necessary.
  • Simple, verifiable transactions: A Top Up sale requires the user to enter the Top Up as a line item in the POS after which they are prompted to select a carrier, enter a phone number for secure delivery of the Top Up to the customer. A successful response is returned to the user and the Top Up is applied to the customers’ mobile account immediately.