Introducing yooz.

The first fully secure and universal mobile payment platform in the Caribbean. Anyone with a mobile phone in T&T can now topup or pay utility bills securely and directly from their bank account or credit card. Yooz works for everyone. No application, no smartphone and no data plan required. The *190# shortcode allows all users to initiate a secure connection to their carrier and access Yooz, T&T’s first Mobile Payment service.

How does it work?

One must register their mobile phone and their Republic Bank debit card or a Credit card from any bank to the platform. Then use funds from the bank account for payment transactions on their mobile phone. The first product available to the T&T market was yooz.topup  then later on yooz.billpay was launched.


Yooz.topup gives mobile users the convenience to topup their phone or someone else’s phone directly from their own handset. A user now has full control over their personal or their family’s usage. No more running out of minutes in the middle of a conversation or having to leave home at night to buy a phone card. All yooz transactions are secured by a unique passcode and verified by Republic Bank.


Yooz.billpay allows customers to pay Utility Bills directly from their Republic Bank account on their mobile phone. No more time off from work and long line ups to pay a bill on the verge of disconnection. Customers can currently pay their own as well as someone else’s Flow, Digicel and Green Dot bills.

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